Timelord Science Investigatior(s)



Hello and Welcome to TSI!


 This site is different from most that you have seen, mainly because its not entirely devoted to one specific thing. There are lots of different parts and areas of this site that are compleatly unique and amazing in its own right, so please feel free to look around and see that you think! 


I, Tsi Timelord, own this site and run it for the purpose of seeing what life can offer and just what it is all about! I will be posting a lot of pictures and videos of the different things I come accross online and in my life that I consider interesting, funny, odd, amazing, or just cool! I will try my best to keep this site interesting and fun, and I will do whatever I can to keep it changing and new as often as possible!


Thanks for Your Time,

                   Tsi Timelord